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SHEET METAL PRECISION PROCESSING CENTER "LASER-BEND" offers you welding services with semi-automatic welding.

Today, welding works are in demand everywhere. Welding is used during installation work in various industries. Currently, several types of welding are used: manual arc, gas, semi-automatic and automatic welding.

The technological chain of work performance using semi-automatic welding is significantly different from simple arc welding. The essence of the main difference is process automation. This technology is called semi-automatic welding because in this variant of arc electric welding, the electrode in the form of a wire is continuously and automatically fed from the coil to the zone of the welded joint using a roller mechanism simultaneously with the supply of argon shielding gas mixed with carbon dioxide (80 and 20%, respectively ).

Semi-automatic welding belongs to the category of thermal methods of joining metal elements. An electric discharge occurs between a live electrode and a metal in a mixture of gases and vapors. The metal of the electrode wire melts, flows into the gap and immediately solidifies, thereby ensuring an inseparable connection. The quality of the formed seam is also significantly increased due to the influence of inert gas, which simultaneously serves to prevent the formation of oxides and contributes to less heating of the metal. This allows you to avoid a significant part of the deformation of the metal surface and obtain a high-quality seam that will not crack for a long time. Thanks to the precisely set mode of operation of the welding machine, a very high quality weld is obtained, which significantly increases the strength of the structure.

Advantages of semi-automatic welding:
    has good protection of the molten metal from the influence of air during the working process of the connection;
    there is no oxide and slag on the seam crust;
   applies not only when performing horizontal seams, but also it is possible to perform vertical and even ceiling seams;
   constant control is carried out and the process is regulated at any stage;< br>    the speed of the welding process is incomparably higher, compared to the speed of work using manual electric arc welding with an electrode.

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