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CENTER FOR SHEET METAL PRECISION PROCESSING "LASER-BEND" - is a specialized structural subdivision of the STEEL DOORS KOMMUNAR Company, whose products have proven themselves in the Ukrainian market.

For more than two decades, the employees of our PRECISION SHEET METAL MACHINING CENTER "LASER-BEND" have been working on the development of not only the production technology of laser metal cutting, but also on a complex for performing tasks for a wide variety of areas in the field of sheet metal processing, such as welding works, precision (high-precision) bending of sheet metal, powder coating, manufacturing of cases and metal structures. Such a significant list of services opens before you the broadest opportunities for successful joint activities with our company.

In fact, you can provide drawings of your product, deliver us a draft material, or purchase metal directly from us and get a fully completed product at the end.

The main task of our center is to provide the highest quality metal processing services at the best cost.

Laser cutting and bending of metal in Ukraine are the priority areas of activity of the CENTER FOR PRECISION SHEET METAL PROCESSING "LASER-BEND".

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Address: 19, Kyrgyzka, Kharkiv

Phone: +380 93 326 51 81

Email: laser@kommunar.ua

About the company

"Laser-bend" is a center for laser cutting and bending of sheet metal on CNC machines.