Metal bending

Bending is a method of processing sheet metal by bending the material using various pressing mechanisms. Modern bending equipment allows you to bend sheet metal, giving it the required final shape. Processing methods using various bending mechanisms allow precise (accurate) bending of parts at the required angle.

The use of bending equipment in the Center for precision processing of metals "Laser-Bend" allows you to process the material almost without changing the thickness of the blank material. Moreover, a slander is formed at the bend of the metal workpiece, which helps to increase the overall strength of the product.

The very process of bending on the equipment of the company "Laser-Bend" allows to some extent to correct the shortcomings of the raw material, which very often manifest themselves as unevenness of the surface of the rolled product, associated with rough transportation and violation of the manufacturing technology. Bending of such non-aligned sheets and blanks, as well as preliminary rolling of the obtained rough material allows you to get rid of surface defects, because they may be unacceptable for the final product.

Undoubtedly, laser-bend metal bending has a significant advantage over other corner assembly methods, such as forging, riveting and welding using USP. Bending allows you to significantly reduce the time of manufacturing a part, and also significantly reduce the cost due to the partial or complete abandonment of expensive production methods. In addition, the use of bending equipment significantly reduces the amount of production waste, in some cases allowing to completely get rid of the non-liquid part of the raw material.

In its work, the "Laser-Bend" Precision Metal Processing Center uses modern bending equipment with software control. The use of CNC machines of the fourth generation makes it possible to significantly increase both the production rate and the accuracy of processing of the final products of this production process. Our equipment allows you to obtain blanks with minimal deviations in angular and dimensional parameters. From this, the blanks that have undergone bending on our equipment are ready for further assembly without additional processing.

Our bending equipment works in conjunction with metal laser cutting equipment. Such a tandem allows you to eliminate an unwanted technological pause between two types of processing, which means saving your time. Also, working in conjunction with a laser allows you to significantly reduce the amount of waste, increasing the economic efficiency of the final product.


Laser-Bend precision metal processing center guarantees: the product according to your project, manufactured using bending technology, will meet the requirements of the State Technical and Technical Standards for technical products.

The "Laser-Bend" precision metal processing center offers high-precision sheet metal bending services at angles from 15 to 180 degrees (the bending angle and radius are determined by the customer).

• For large-sized products, we use a bending press with a working surface length of 4000 mm. Such a press creates a force of 200 tons at the point of bending.

• The CNC machine allows you to bend parts up to 3 m long and thick:

- black steel up to 8 mm

- stainless steel up to 6 mm

Laser-Bend precision metal processing center solves the price issue individually for each client. We try to reduce the price burden on the customer as much as possible, therefore we calculate the cost of our works based on the design materials provided by our customers. To find out the cost of the works according to your order, you can leave a request on the website or call our call center at +380 93 3265181

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"Laser-bend" is a center for laser cutting and bending of sheet metal on CNC machines.