Laser cutting of metal

Since the end of the 70s of the last century, laser cutting has firmly established itself in the field of metal processing as the most technological and highly efficient method of cutting sheet metal. Over the decades of development, this type of processing has gone a long way to improvement and today allows you to easily cut materials that cannot be processed by other methods.

The basis of the method is the use of high-power laser radiation, which is generated either by a CO2 gas tube, or, as in the case of the Laser-Bend Precision Metal Processing Center equipment, the use of a solid-state generator of monochrome radiation. Radiation from a solid-state laser is delivered to the material through an optical fiber. This type of laser cutting is technologically more advanced compared to CO2 laser machines. According to the parameters of radiation, energy flow stability and mobility of mechanical systems, a laser cutting machine with a solid source is the next generation of metal cutting equipment compared to gas machines.

The high concentration of light flux in a small volume combined with the high mobility of mechanics allows our equipment to cope with large volumes of work in a short time. The productivity of the Laser-Bend Metal Precision Center equipment is more than 30% higher than that of CO2 lasers. This advantage allows us to fulfill our customers' orders faster than other laser cutting service providers.

Cutting machines of the Center for precision processing of metals "Laser-Bend" with a solid-state radiation source make it possible to achieve a much higher focus of the light spot. This indicator directly affects the quality of the cut. A solid-state source in combination with high-quality supercharging of the working body allows you to avoid such childhood diseases of laser cutting on CO2 tubes as:

• melting of the edge
• change in the mechanical properties of the edge layer
• change in the chemical composition of the alloy in the case of cutting stainless steel
• deformation of the workpiece due to uneven thermal influence.

The application of a modern computer control system of the positioner and an integrated system of development and interpretation of the working drawing of the product in progress also allows saving the precious time of customers who have turned to the Center for precision metal processing "Laser-Bend". In fact, we can almost completely eliminate the step of recompiling the electronic drawing into control machine codes, which on older equipment used to take up a significant part of the production process.

Technologies of precision mechanics positioning used in the machine allow to achieve up to 0.01 mm when cutting parts along the entire length of the work table.

Combining all the advantages of the latest generation laser cutting equipment allows you to get parts that do not require additional mechanical processing. They can go to further bending processing or to the dyeing chamber without delay. All this contributes to the acceleration of the pace of production and, as a result, significantly reduces the time of execution of your order.

Laser equipment parameters allow us to carry out the following types of work:

• cutting of ferrous metals with a thickness of up to 14 mm;
• cutting of stainless and alloy steels - up to 6 mm;
• cutting of aluminum and aluminum alloys - up to 4 mm

The surface size of the working table of the laser positioner allows you to process parts up to 3000x1500 mm in size.

Maximum size of finished products: 3000x1500 mm.

In order to calculate your order, we need a minimum of information from you:

• drawing of the product/or information about the length of the cut
• thickness of the metal from which the product will be made
• deadline for the order


For any questions you may have regarding the fulfillment of your order, you can contact us through the call center at +380933265181

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